• By Howard Vigderman, Esquire
    During the weeks leading up to Terri Schiavo’s death – and since then – my clients and I have focused a greater portion of our meetings on the subject of Advance Directives for Health Care and end-of-life issues that had previously been the case. The Schiavo case has heightened our clients’ concerns that their wishes will be both known and honored, and has increased awareness of the need to memorialize end-of-life decisions. more...
  • By Harper Dimmerman, Esquire
    The newly enacted Bankruptcy Abuse Protection and Consumer Protection Act of creates numerous obstacles to obtaining the bankruptcy relief so vital to achieving a “fresh start” in the 21st century. The timing of the Act, during a period of overly liberal consumer lending and exorbitant, ever-rising health care costs, is curious at best. From the perspective of the debtor’s attorney, the Act also creates ethical obstacles, on its face and in practice. more...
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